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Welcome to the TWO Support Centre. Here you will find Product Support, Sampling, and Sales & Marketing tools.

We believe providing easy access to product knowledge, marketing advice, and sales tools is crucial to our Dealers’ success.

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Product Information

This is your go-to for all product-related information.
Here you will find product guides, surcharge lists, warranty information, videos and product & system updates.

Product Sampling

Product Sampling

Our product sampling will help you sell with confidence. Designed with your customer in mind to help win the job, our sampling is also excellent for training new sales consultants.

Sales & Marketing

Sales & Marketing

Download retail brochures, warranty cards, maintenance flyers, images and other marketing assets for your sales team and business marketing channels.

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Frequently Asked Questions

QLD Head Office is open Mon – Fri, 8.30am-5pm Brisbane AEST.

Highprofile interior shutters: Poplar/Paulownia/Basswood shutters, interior aluminium shutters, PVC shutters and hybrid (Poplar/PVC) shutters

Colourvue roller blinds

Weatherwell exterior shutters: Standard, fixed louvre and cyclone-rated aluminium shutters

Shadesol outdoor shades: Zipscreen, Wire Guide, Straight Drop and Pivot Arm

We sure do! Roller blinds, Zipscreens, Wire Guides, Straight Drops and Pivot Arms are made in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

Our shutters are made off-shore in two factories.

While our off-shore and local product lead times are generally stable, they sometimes fluctuate depending on stock availability and international shipping times. When lead times change, we update the Lead Times page. To stay current with lead times, please refer to this page.

Please note lead times for shutters includes production and delivery to your door. Lead times for locally-made products include production only. It excludes delivery to your door.

Highprofile interior shutters: 25 years structural, 5 years paint, 5 years custom finish, 2 years stain, 3 years hardware

Weatherwell exterior shutters: 25 years structural, 10 years powder coat, 5 years custom finish, 5 years timber wrap, 3 years hardware

Colourvuew roller blinds: 5 years structural, 2-5 years componentry (varies depending on component), 5 years fabric (varies depending on fabric/manufacturer)

Shadesol outdoor shades: 5 years structural (varies depending on proximity to coastline), 10 year fabric

Please refer to our Warranties table for full warranty limits.

If your order status is In Shipping, you can check the Estimated Delivery Date (EDD) by logging into your TWO Ordering account and navigating to your order on the dashboard. 

If the order is In Production, then generally you can work out an approximate ETA based on when the order was approved by TWO for production and the lead times. For example, if shutter lead times are 9 weeks, and your shutter order was approved 4 weeks ago, then approximate EDD is in 5 weeks’ time.

There is no cooling-offer period once you submit your order for processing. So it’s essential that when you hit the Submit button, you are sure of all the order requirements you are about to submit.

Of course, mistakes can happen, or a customer will change their mind, so you can cancel or make a change. But if the order is already in production, additional costs will be associated with the cancellation or modification. 

It will vary depending on the shutter product.

Please refer to the Warranties table for the exact minimum and maximum widths covered and not covered by warranty.

We categorise repairs into four types of responsibility; TWO, Factory, Freight or Dealer.

To substantiate who is responsible for the repair, sufficient proof is required in the form of clear images and/or video of the product.

Once you have your images/video, you can submit your Repair through the Order system, and it will be processed by our Repairs team.

If the repair or claim is straightforward, the repair will go straight into production.

To avoid delays to the repair, please aim to provide as much visual evidence as possible.

Visit the Repairs page for more details.

Please click here to watch the How to submit a Repair Request video.

Please click here to watch the How to Approve Drawings video.