Highprofile Classic

Highprofile Classic timber shutters are a designer’s go-to choice for a timeless window treatment. Our shutters are 100% real timber in a market filled with imitations. Available in Poplar, Paulownia and Basswood, we have perfected the timber plantation shutter design over three generations, resulting in a range of shutters with a flawless finish, engineered strength, and an enduring appeal.

Why Timber Shutters?

Plantation shutters are window furnishings that have stood the test of time, which means you are investing in an enduring style that won’t date. They are the only window furnishing that allows you to control light and airflow while maintaining privacy and can be totally customised to suit traditional or contemporary spaces with any design scheme. TWO USA

Not All Shutters are Created Equal ...

Wood Species


All our shutters are crafted from the highest-quality single-timber species. Unlike many other shutters on the market that are manufactured with low-grade timber or a composite core wrapped in a thin timber veneer, all Highprofile Classic shutters are 100% poplar, 100% paulownia or 100% basswood. In other words, they’re better quality and more durable.

Paint Finish


Our shutters are finished with the same 2-pack polyurethane paint you find in high-end kitchens and cabinetry – giving them a polished, uniform finish each and every time. Unlike inferior products painted with a Nitro Cellulosic paint that is prone to streaking and chipping, our 2-pack paint finish is durable and flawless.

UPS Affordable Luxury


Highprofile Classic shutters are completely customisable – no matter how creative you like to be. We offer a truly bespoke experience allowing infinite customisation. Feel free to stay traditional or explore different shapes, colours and textures to let your individual personality shine through.

UPS Affordable Luxury


Our stained timber shutters are crafted from the very best basswood timber known for its superb, distinctive wood grain. Each and every piece is carefully hand-selected to ensure the grains are fine and even without knots or imperfections, creating a better-quality appearance.

UPS Affordable Luxury


We’re passionate about minimising our environmental impact, so we only source timber from sustainable forestry and our unique approach to construction also enables a more efficient yield from every single tree.

UPS Affordable Luxury


Our Highprofile Classic plantation shutters are made using the finest traditional craftsmanship – but without the high-end price tag you’d expect. Being a specialist in shutters, we’ve honed our craft over decades and quite simply, it’s our volume that allows us to keep our prices so low.


Three Different Blades

A blade can significantly impact the look and functionality of your shutter. Large blades will give you more view when open, while small blades will provide a more traditional feel. Elliptical shapes are a modern design.

64mm 89mm 114 mm Blade size

Different Tilt Rods for a different Feel

Although tilt rods all serve the same function, ensuring the blades rotate in tandem, we offer a plethora of styles to suit different design schemes and tastes. Choose a traditional center or an offset position for a classic look. A more modern approach is the almost invisible Clearview style, positioned at the back of the shutter, which offers an uninterrupted view.

Tilt Rods Traditional
Tilt Rods Offset 40
Tilt Rods Euro 180
Tilt Rods Clearview

The stile, the side profiles the blades attach too, is often overlooked as a design element. However, a stile can have a subtle influence on the overall feel of the plantation shutter. Below are four of our most popular stiles to suit various interior styles.

It's all in the details


Beaded Stile 51mm


Flat Stile 51mm

51 Rabbit Stile

Flat Rabbet Stile 51mm


Flat Stile 65mm


Flat Stile 90mm

Specification Colors

Who knew there were so many whites

The most popular colour for plantation shutters is white. However, you need a selection of more than one hue to match the different white trims found in today’s homes. We offer 13 standard whites, and custom colours to suit any colour match requirements. We also provide our basswoods in 13 lustrous stains.

Frames Hinges

The finishing touches

Frames and hinges are those final touches that make a difference to the overall style of your window covering. Highprofile Classic offers an extensive range of frame types and colours for hinges, ensuring you have what you need to complete your vision.

An Installation Method for every situation

The first decision of any shutter design is what installation method to use. The functionality you require will usually dictate your choice, but in some cases, it is solely an aesthetic decision. We build Highprofile Classic shutters in every installation method: hinged in a frame, hinged without a frame, fixed, bi-fold, multi-fold, sliding, tier-on-tier, and bay window angles. We also offer specialty shapes, french door cutouts, and solid panels.

specification Hinge


Specification Fixed


Specification Multi Fold


Specification Sliding


Specification Tier on Tier


Specification Bay Window

Bay Window

For Commercial Partners

100% Customisation. Uniting your design vision with our product expertise.

One Point of Contact. From the initial consultation to project completion.

Completely assembled product. Project installation services available.

Manufacture & Lead Times

Manufactured in China

TWO maintains some of the most competitive lead-times in the industry, but exact timing is project based. Please consult our TWO commercial division for guidelines on your specific project.

Manufacturer's Warranty

Structural 25 Years
Paint 5 Years
Stain 2 Years
Custom Colour 5 Years
Hardware 3 Years