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Shutter Repair Guide

Repair Requirements for Shutters

Our dedicated repair team is ready to assist you in the event you need a repair. We understand the importance of a swift resolution, and we strive to process your repair as quickly as possible. Please read the following guide to ensure a fast and efficient repair process.

You can submit a repair claim against the Factory, Freight, TWO or Dealer.

Minimum Requirements

Repair claims can be classed as a Factory, Freight, TWO or Dealer responsibility.

To process a repair deemed Factory or Freight responsibility you must supply clear images or video of the issue to support your claim.

TWO or Dealer responsibility claims do not require images or video.

The following outlines the most common repair claims and specifies the types of images (with examples) and details needed for TWO to efficiently process the claim.

Factory Responsibility

  • Common types of damage include cracked at the tilt rod or blade pins showing splits
  • Clear images of the damaged blades are required.
  • To effectively demonstrate the issue, capturing a video of your attempt to operate the blades is recommended. Images alone may not adequately showcase the defect. 
  • If multiple openings are affected by this problem, please record a separate video for each opening. Video evidence will support the claim substantially and increase the likelihood of the factory accepting it.
  • Please refer to the BMAA Guidelines when deciding on whether the paint imperfection warrants a claim. The BMAA suggest it is unacceptable if an imperfection is visible with the naked eye in natural daylight at a distance of 1.2 metres.
  • Common paint imperfections or poor quality finish include cracks, dents, marks, scratches, bubbling, over-spray, finger joints etc.
  • Clear images and/or video are required to process this type of claim.
  • If the damage is visible on the panel only and you have requested a complete item remake, please specify why the frame requires a replacement.
  • Overspray can be difficult to see; however, please try your best to capture this in an image or video.

Our shutters, particularly those made from natural timber, may exhibit unique characteristics such as grain patterns or blemishes which are inherent to their natural source. These qualities should not be considered defects or grounds for warranty claims.

The finishes applied to our products are carefully chosen for their durability and quality. However, the following factors are not covered under warranty and may affect the finish of our natural products:

  • Variations in colour between different manufacturing batches of paint or stain finishes.
  • Natural variations in appearance caused by artificial or natural lighting.
  • Influence of moisture, heat, light, and exposure to weather.
  • Environmental conditions like pollutants, acid rain, or corrosive substances which can impact finishes.
  • Damage, corrosion, wear, deterioration, or failure of standard components in coastal applications or specific climates.
  • When it comes to Highprofile basswood standard stained products that require a blade replacement or a section of shutter to be replaced, the factory needs to receive a blade from the shutter for colour-matching purposes.
  • Despite our stain colours being standardised, there can be variations in colours due to different batches or changes over time since the initial installation. We can ensure a closer colour match for the replacement part by providing a matching blade.
  • In the event that a sample blade cannot be sent, it is important to note that the factory cannot accept responsibility if the finish of the required blade or part does not perfectly match the installed item.
  • TWO standard colours: Please provide a clear image displaying the TWO colour swatch alongside the incorrectly painted, stained or powder-coated panel. Ensure the colour name of the swatch e.g. P108 Dove, is clearly visible in the image.
  • Custom Dulux colours: Please provide a clear image of the Dulux World of Colour Fandeck Series 2 or The Dulux Colour Selector Powder-Coat Chart swatches alongside the incorrectly painted or powder-coated panel. Check the colour code on the swatch matches the one in the order and is visible in the image.
  • Custom colour to sample: Please provide a clear image displaying the colour sample alongside the incorrectly painted, stained or powder-coated panel.
  • When sending colour samples for custom colour matching, please ensure that you also keep a sample of the same colour, in the event you need to submit an incorrect colour repair.
  • Bowed panel repairs require images that show the panel lying on the ground, placed against a level or any straight object.
  • The image needs to show the full shutter panel from the side view. This perspective helps in accurately assessing the bowing issue.
  • Please refrain from taking images of the panel hinged into the opening or the frame, as the factory seldom accepts such images as valid evidence for the claim.
  • You will need to provide two images to show wrong measurements were supplied. One image showing the full width or height with the tape measurer, and one with a close-up of the actual measurement.
  • The tape measurements need to be clear on all images.
  • It is advisable to provide photo evidence of measurements rather than relying solely on the factory’s cut sheets.
  • Images with a tape measure placed diagonally across the shutter from corner to corner are required to show that a panel is out of square.
  • Images need to show the tape measure starting from where you are measuring from to where you are measuring to and a close-up photo of the measurement.
  • The images must be clear and detailed; otherwise, the factory will push back.
  • Take images after the frames have been assembled and this will be investigated further by the office and the factory.
  • Clear images of the whole opening are required so the factory can see the parts not lining up.
  • Please be aware that if the hinges are back to back on a T Post they need to be offset so that the screws do not hit each other.
  • The component box is generally placed inside the first frame box or on its own. There is a sticker on the box indicating the location of the components.
  • If you believe that the components box is missing, please check all boxes carefully. There is a possibility that the components might be in a different package than what is suggested.
  • Please send images of the parts that were incorrectly supplied and advise what parts should have been supplied.

Freight Responsibility

  • To submit a freight repair claim, the images need to show the label on the box, damage on the product, and damage on the box.
  • If there is any damage when you receive the box, please take images of the box before unpacking.
  • We recommend your installer take photographs of all boxes before unpacking them. These images can be helpful in the event of any freight claims that may arise.
  • The TWO Delivery Team are looking out for you too! TWO’s delivery team will take images of boxes with apparent damage. They will open the box to check the product and if there is damage, the issue will be escalated to the Product Manager for further investigation.
  • Due to specifications and packaging, items ordered outside of warranty guidelines are not covered for freight damage.
  • If there are any parts of the order missing or lost boxes, please email to investigate. If the boxes remain lost after an investigation by the TWO Shipping Team, please submit a repair order.

TWO Orders Responsibility

  • If you believe our office has made an error to the order, please submit a repair request, and we will thoroughly investigate the matter.
  • An example could be that TWO asked a question and a response was provided; however, the order was not amended correctly to suit the answer.

Dealer Responsibility

  • Mistakes can happen! Such as selecting the wrong colour or entering a measurement incorrectly. If this happens, submit a repair as Dealer responsibility and include instructions on what needs to be repaired or remade.
  • Shutter products that contain timber are more likely to be affected by water damage than non-timber shutter products. Due to the porous nature of timber, they are not waterproof; therefore no warranty will be provided if the product is exposed to moisture or liquid.
  • It is highly recommended that potential water damage to timber shutters and how to prevent water damage be discussed with the customer during the sales and installation stage.
  • Water damage will not immediately appear after the product has been exposed to water or moisture. The material will first soak in the substance and, within time, begin to crack.
  • Water damage typically looks like cracks resembling a spider web or are thin hairline cracks.
  • Water damage is more likely to affect the frame mitres or stile/rail joins where water can accumulate and seep into the open grain of the wood. As a result, it is possible that only certain parts of the item may be damaged by water, such as the frame or the panel, depending on the extent of the exposure.