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Factory repair requirements - Colourvue Roller Blinds

Shutter factory repair requirements

TWO requires sufficient evidence to support a repair claim to ensure a speedy repair process for any shutter orders. You can submit a repair claim against the factory, freight, TWO or the dealer.

Evidence required

  • All Repairs deemed a Factory or Freight responsibility must have images supplied to process the repair.
  • A minimum of 1 image per item or video is required to support your claim.
  • Videos are also accepted if they help show the error more clearly.

Factory repairs

Below are the types of repairs commonly requested and the evidence and details required to process the repair claim.

  • Clear images of the affected blades are required and where the blade is damaged.
  • Images showing the imperfections or issues with the paint are required.
  • According to the BMAA Guidelines: If an imperfection is visible with the naked eye in natural daylight at a distance of 1.2 metres, it is unacceptable.
  • If the damage is visible on the panel only and you have requested a complete item remake, please specify why the frame requires a replacement.
  • Overspray can be difficult to see; however, please try your best to capture this in an image or video.

Products in our range made from natural timber/wood may show characteristics of their
natural source, such as grain patterns or blemishes; this gives each shutter its unique quality and is not defects or grounds for warranty.
Each finish used on our products is selected for its durability and quality. Some factors may
impact the application of these paints/stains on our natural products which are not covered under warranty, these include:

  • Colour variations between different manufactured batches of a paint or stain finish.
  • Naturally occurring variations in appearance created by artificial or natural lighting.
  • Moisture, heat, light, exposure to weather.
  • Environmental conditions such as pollutants, acid rain or other corrosive substances may impact finishes or cause corrosion.
  • Damage, corrosion, wear, deterioration or failure of standard components in sea coast
  • applications or other climates.

Colour Matching a repair order :

  • If a blade replacement or a section of an item needs to be replaced and the product is Hight Profile Stained, the factory requires a blade to be sent for the best stain match result.
  • Although the stain colors are standard, the colour may vary depending on the batch or the amount of time the shutters have been installed. Over time the shutter finish may change depending on naturally occurring variations in appearance created by artificial or natural lighting, which is why it is important for the factory to have a blade to try and match the stain finish to.
  • If a blade cannot be supplied, the factory will not take responsibility if the finish of the part required does not match the installed item.
  • TWO standard colours: Images are required to show the colour swatch against the panel. Please ensure that the colour name (for example, ‘P108 Dove’) is visible in the images.
  • Custom Dulux colours: Please take images of the Dulux World of Colour Fandeck Series 2 or The Dulux Colour Selector Powder-Coat Chart against the panel. Please ensure the colour code matches the one in the order and is visible in the image.
  • Custom Colour to Sample: When sending TWO colour samples, please ensure that you also keep a sample of the same colour. A factory repair for a custom colour to sample requires an image of the colour sample against the shutters.
  • Bowed panels require images showing the panel lying on the ground, against a level or something straight. The photo needs to be taken from afar to show the whole shutter panel.
  • If the room you are fitting the shutter in does not have the suitable space to lie the panel on the floor, you can take the panel out to an area and find a flat surface that will not damage the shutter and take the image.
  • The image needs to show the side of the panel rather than a bird’s-eye view (top view) or front view.
  • Please avoid taking images of the panels hinged into the opening or the frame, as the factory rarely accepts these images.
  • The best way to show this is by taking a video of you trying to operate the blades, as images will not show this defect.
  • Take a video for each opening if there are multiple openings with this cause; this will provide enough evidence for the factory to accept the warranty claim.
  • Place a tape measure against the Panel/T post location/ Frames, etc., showing the supplied measurements.
  • Images need to show the tape measure starting from where you are measuring to where you are measuring and a close-up photo of the measurement.
  • The images must be clear and detailed; otherwise, the factory will push back. (The dimension on the tape measure needs to be visible)
  • The majority of the time, when the office checks the cut sheet with the factory, the factory advises that the cut sheet is correct, so it’s best to provide the evidence rather than rely on the factory cut sheets.
  • Images with a tape measure placed diagonally across the shutter from corner to corner are required to show that a panel is out of square.
  • Images need to show the tape measure starting from where you are measuring from to where you are measuring to and a close-up photo of the measurement.
  • The images must be clear and detailed; otherwise, the factory will push back.
  • Take images after the frames have been assembled and this will be investigated further by the office and the factory.
  • Clear images of the whole opening are required so the factory can see the parts not lining up.
  • Please be aware that if the hinges are back to back on a T Post they need to be offset so that the screws do not hit each other.
  • The component box is generally placed inside the first frame box or on its own. There is a sticker on the box indicating the location of the components.
  • If you believe that the components box is missing, please ensure that you open all the boxes and check the boxes carefully. There is a possibility that the components might be in a different package than what is suggested.
  • Please take images of the parts supplied incorrectly.

Freight Damage Repairs

  • To submit a freight/ transport repair claim, the images need to show the label on the box, damage on the product, and damage on the box.
  • If there is any damage when you receive the box, please take images of the box before unpacking.
  • TWO understands that the installer aims to complete the job within a reasonable time, and taking images of the boxes might not be considered. However, it is suggested that the installer take photos of all the boxes before unboxing to assist with any freight claims.
  • The TWO Deliver Team are looking out for you too!
    Whilst unloading the container, TWO’s delivery team will watch and photograph any seen damage.
    The National Warehouse & Freight Manager will send the images to the Product Manager to provide feedback to the factory.
    The boxes are opened for inspection. If there is any further damage to the product, The National Warehouse & Freight Manager will send the additional images to the Product Manager to discuss the next steps.
    If there are any lost boxes, please email to investigate. If the boxes remain lost after an investigation by the TWO Shipping Team, please submit a repair order.
  • Due to specifications and packaging, items ordered outside of warranty guidelines are not covered for freight damage.
  • If there are any lost boxes, please email to investigate. If the boxes remain lost after an investigation by the TWO Shipping Team, please submit a repair order.

TWO Orders

  • TWO Orders Team Errors is not a very common scenario; however, submit the repair with TWO responsibility if you believe that the office has made an error. It will be further investigated by TWO.
  • An example of this could be that a question was asked by TWO, and a response was provided however the order was not amended correctly to suit the answer.


  • TWO understands that mistakes can happen. For example: if the incorrect colour has been selected on an item, the item can be replaced with the correct colour by submitting a Dealer repair.
  • All shutter products containing timber are not waterproof; no warranty will be provided if the product is exposed to moisture or any form of liquid.
  • It is highly recommended that water damage is discussed upon installation so that the customer can be wary of preventing moisture/water exposure.
  • Products that contain timber are more likely to be affected by water damage than other products.
  • Water damage will not immediately appear after the product has been exposed to water or moisture. The material will first soak in the substance and, within time, begin to crack.
  • Water Damage can be identified as – cracks that resemble a spider web or hairline cracks.
  • Water damage is more likely to reach mitres, or stile/rail joins as the joins are not entirely painted/top coated. This means that the whole item might not become water damaged, only the frame or the panel depending on what has been exposed.