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This is your go-to for all product-related information. Here you will find product guides, surcharge lists, warranty information, videos and monthly updates.

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Highprofile Classic - Paulownia

1. TWO Guidelines

Orders that are released to TWO are processed in the most timely manner possible. As such, any changes made to an order once it is released to TWO cannot be guaranteed to be applied if the order is already in production. Initial costs, cancellations or any change costs will be the responsibility of the dealer to cover.

All drawings, notes and emails with questions must be answered before an order is entered in to the production line. Delays in the timely processing of these by customers will lead to longer lead times.

All factory/freight repairs are to have photographic/video proof. If neither are available at the time of placing the repair, it will be processed as a dealer responsibility. TWO will credit back the cost of the repair once proof of factory/freight responsibility is given.

For special request/non-standard/limited availability items please check first with Head Office for availability. Any surcharges for these items will be the responsibility of the dealer to cover, even if it is not listed on the price list.

PDF Estimates generated from the system may not reflect final pricing. If all items are not selected in the order form, or details are added to the notes section that may alter the price.

All dealers are responsible for having the most current price lists and product manuals. If unsure please contact your sales representative to confirm.

2. Blade Options

Blade Profile Elliptical Elliptical
Blade Sizes 64 89
Blade Thickness 10 11
Highprofile Classic - Paulownia

3. Minimum Reveal Depths

Minimum reveal depths can be found on each installation method header page. Please measure from the most protruding object in the reveal. The most common window types are listed below with reminders of where to measure from to confirm that there is enough reveal depth for your chosen installation method.

Double-hung window: handles that lift the inside window
Casement window: crank handle
Sliding windows: slider handle/ storm bar

4. Colour Options


Please ensure that you have the most up to date swatching as colors may vary between supplied decks. Contact your sales representative to order new swatching if needed.

Custom colours:

Choose from the Dulux World of Colour Series II fan deck

IMPORTANT NOTE: Custom colours are matched to the Dulux World of Colour fan deck. If you are unsure if the requested colour is from this deck it is best to supply a sample that will be sent to our factory for colour matching.