What is an IP Rating?

What is an IP Rating?

To ensure the proper performance of electrical equipment in varying weather conditions, it is crucial to understand its specifications. An IP Rating is a widely recognised measure of this performance, and Shadesol motors have been tested according to its guidelines.

What is an IP Rating

So, what is an IP rating? It guides the degree of protection that mechanical casings and electrical enclosures offer against intrusion, dust, accidental contact, and water. This rating provides more detailed information compared to the vague category of “waterproof.”

IP44 rating shadesol

Shadesol outdoor shade motors have an IP44 rating, which means they are protected against solid objects over 1mm and water spray from all directions. This is the highest consistent rating across all external shade manufacturers in the US and Australia and is the baseline standard for all outdoor electricals, including lighting, outlet covers, outdoor heating, and televisions.

Furthermore, every Shadesol motor is installed inside an aluminium or steel tube with an optional cassette, providing additional protection for the motor in more extreme weather conditions.

IP rating chart