Understanding Aluminium Shutters

Understanding Aluminium Shutters

At TWO, we offer two distinct types of aluminium shutters, the Highprofile Avenir interior shutter and the Weatherwell Standard exterior shutter. Aluminium is one of the most durable materials and boasts the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metal. As a result, it is an ideal choice for homeowners who require sturdy and secure window shutters. Choosing aluminium shutters elevates the overall aesthetic of homes while remaining functional and practical.

About Aluminium

The thirteenth element in the periodic table, aluminium, is a silvery-white metal. A shocking fact about aluminium is that it makes up more than 8% of the mass of the Earth’s core and is the most common metal on the planet. In addition, it ranks after silicon and oxygen as the third most prevalent chemical element on Earth.


However, pure aluminium does not exist in nature since it readily combines with other elements. Aluminum was first made informally in 1824, and it took another fifty years for people to figure out how to do it on an industrial scale.

Aluminium Shutters Weatherwell Standard

Aluminium sulphates are the most prevalent type of aluminium in nature. These minerals are created by combining two sulfuric.

What’s the difference?

Highprofile Avenir Weatherwell Standard or Fixed Louvre
Suitable for Indoor Installation Suitable for Outdoor Installation
1.4mm thickness 1.6mm thickness
Lightweight aluminium External Aluminium
Matte Finish Standard Colour Options 40% Sheen Finish Standard Colour Options
89mm 64mm, 89mm and 114mm blades
No Critical Midrail Option Critical Midrail Option
Standard Shutter Shapes only Slope Shapes Available
Aluminium Weatherwell Standard Outdoor

Aluminium Shutter Benefits

Corrosion Resistant

Because aluminium naturally generates a thin oxide coating to shield itself from additional rust damage, aluminium has strong corrosion resistance. The impermeable, thin coating of aluminium oxide can be destroyed, but it can also rebuild itself immediately. This implies that your aluminium shutters will survive for years, even in corrosive conditions.



Since aluminium is exceptionally reflective, closing the shutters will help keep your room cool throughout the summer by deflecting the sun. Aluminium shutters also keep the heat within the space, making them ideal for winter when you want to utilise heaters and prevent as much warm air from leaving through the windows.


Lighter & Strong

Aluminium offers nearly the same strength as steel while being around 25% lighter, making them one of the most robust and long-lasting home improvement solutions available on the market.