The 6 step guide to business goal setting

The 6 step guide to business goal setting

The 6 step guide to business goal setting

With the new year just around the corner, it is time to set your business goals for 2022!




When setting your goals for the coming year ensure your goals are SMART. SMART is a framework designed to help you create successful goals. Each letter stands for a criterion your goal must meet.



Specific, this means that your goal cannot be vague and must define a specific action you want to accomplish.



Measurable, you must identify targets and milestones that help you establish if your goals are being met.



Attainable, your goals must be realistic. It is important to note here that this is what YOU view as attainable. Attainability is subjective. The most successful people became that way by achieving what others would have never thought possible.



Relevant, your goal must align with your overall purpose. It is particularly important that your action goals contribute towards reaching your larger business-specific goals. Relevance is not as important when referring to your big dreams and aspirations.



Time-based there must be a time period in which you want to achieve your goal.



To demonstrate how the SMART model works, let’s use the goal of “posting on social media five times a week.”.

  • The goal is specific as it directly refers to the number of posts on social media.
  • The goal is measurable because it’s easy to measure the number of posts you’ve made on social media in a given week.
  • The goal is attainable, assuming it’s within the relevant person’s workload.
  • This goal is also relevant as it can result in brand exposure and awareness, which can help grow your user base and revenue.
  • Lastly, there is a time frame of one week.