Sometimes LESS is MORE

Sometimes LESS is MORE

We like this mantra.
Less stress More productivity.
Who doesn’t love less stress right?

When you take a hard look at marketing tactics, you’ll see there are actually a lot of opportunities to generate and convert more leads with less work.



Let’s dive into 3 areas where you might be wasting your time and how to create more efficient processes instead.



1. Campaign Management

All-in-one tools are a better investment to manage your campaigns because they’re more efficient. Not only do employees actually use them, but they spend a lot less time doing things like switching windows and exporting data.

2. Content Creation

Concise writing tends to be strong writing. Rather than trying to sound like the next Shakespeare in your blog content or FB post, be natural in your tone and keep it simple. No jargon. A down-to-earth style is both easier on you and easier on your reader.

3. Conducting Meetings

There are only a few special situations where you would ever hold an hour-long meeting. Not only are they expensive — an hour-long meeting with a dozen employees costs 12 hours of company time — but they simply don’t make sense from a productivity standpoint.



Take an “only when necessary and only as long as necessary” approach to meetings. If a message can be conveyed just as well in an email, don’t drag people away from their desks for it. If a meeting is required, send out the agenda beforehand, and explain how long you expect it to take. If it’s done after five minutes, great — let people get back to work.