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Polytherm pvc BY TWO

Polytherm PVC is an entry-level shutter that provides a cost effective PVC alternative whilst retaining the timeless look and feel of shutters. They are perfect for price-conscious consumers, particularly those seeking shutters over blinds and other window treatments. Manufactured in the same factory as our Highprofile ranges, Polytherm is also finished in quality 2-pack paint.

  • Why timber?

    If it’s 100% timber, it’s 100% organic and renewable. Timber shutters are recyclable, biodegradable and require less energy to be produced than other inorganic materials. Hardwoods such as poplar and basswood naturally ensure durability for lasting impact and endure far longer than synthetic counterparts. They are also less likely to collect allergens, which can be trapped in artificial substances.

  • Why Highprofile?

    Quite simply, not all timber shutters are created equal. Highprofile shutters are true hardwood timber shutters made from 100% of the same timber species. Many other shutters sold as ‘basswood shutters’ are Laminated Veneer Lumber – a thin Basswood veneer (approximately 30%) around laminated strips of other timbers. Highprofile ensures 100% confidence in the composition of your hardwood timber shutters.

  • Why FSC timber is an option.

    We are proud to offer customers the option of having FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) timber for specialised jobs, on request. While all of the timber used in our products come from sustainable forestry, FSC takes an extra step to ensure timber is milled and manufactured in an environmentally sound manner. TWO is certified by the FSC to distribute and promote FSC products.

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