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Product & system updates

Stay up to date with product and system updates via our monthly Dealer Dispatch.


  • November

    Improved Zipscreen Weight Bar, New X-Weave Fabric Range

  • October

    Zipscreen Wind Tunnel Test Results, Automate Wind & Sun, Sensor Charger Cable, Paint Touch Up Bottles, Texstyle Tusk Fabric Discontinued

  • September

    Discontinued Somfy Situo Remote (gold colour), PVC cut-outs, Reminder Highprofile Classic Paulownia now has more options

  • August

    Increased warranty limit for Shadesol Extreme products, U mounting rail for Zipscreen, Surf Mist is added to the colour range, System Update: Selecting ‘Controls’, More specifications for Highprofile Classic Paulownia, Stainless steel chain certification, RBO9 warranty increase

  • July

    Ultra Lock available for spring operated only, Improved solar powered wind & sun sensor, Standard Timbers are now available for Highprofile Avenir

  • June

    New roller blind packaging, 55mm extension brackets, Chain Tensioning Hook, New Product! Shadesol Pivot Arm, New handles for Zipscreen, Wire Guide & Straight Drop, New mandatory standards for button battery products from 22 June 2022, Paulownia timber shutter warranty limit increase, PVC large lip Z frame, Hinge colours, Critical mid rail 20mm +/- height, Light Cedar timber wrap is discontinued

  • May

    Half Fabric Wrapped Bottom Rail, Stainless Steel Open Brackets, Automate Molex with Plug

  • April

    Oval Bottom Rail, Redesigned End Caps for F72 Base Rail, New Flat Z Frame for Highprofile Poly, Shelf Bracket Available for the Highprofile Shutter Range

  • March

    NEW PRODUCT! Highprofile Classic Paulownia, 114mm PVC Blade, Improved foam packing for interior shutters, Magnet installed for panels over 2200mm

  • February

    FSC® Certified Timber Shutters, Highprofile Avenir Blade Stay, Single Panels in Frames, T Post Screws, Increased Width Limits, Coming Soon! How to Order Colourvue