New Sampling Guide

Introducing Our New-Look Sampling

Designed with your customer in mind, our new sales tools are ready to
impress and win the trust of even the most guarded customers.
Practical and flexible, every item has a place and a purpose.

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New Sampling Guide

Consultant Bag

The classic messenger bag has been designed for the professional in-home consultant.
  • Durable polyester fabric with vinyl bottom
  • Adjustable shoulder strap with shoulder pad
  • Velcro flap with quick-release buckle clips
  • 7 x pockets in practical sizes to carry any combination of TWO selling tools.
  • Main pockets are padded to offer protection for shutter panels
  • Business card and pen slots
  • Neutral colours to complement your business’ brand


The Interior Range Lookbook is the ultimate companion selling tool, helping you to answer commonly asked questions and assisting your customer in making the best decision for their home. Beautifully presented in a hardcover, lay-flat flip book, your customer can now view and compare options for shutters or roller blinds.

  • Hardcover, lay-flat presentation
  • Quality matt laminated paper stock
  • Includes a QR code linking to the online Lookbook, where you can zoom into images for more detail. 

Essential Tool Box

Replacing the old Survival Case, all essential tools for selling TWO products are professionally displayed in a sleek presentation box.

  • Finished in durable buckram-wrapped fabric with a magnetic closure
  • Quality foam insert with velvet flocking
  • Removable support sheet with QR codes linking to additional product support
  • Complete your sampling arsenal with an essential box for each product
    • Highprofile
    • Weatherwell
    • Colourvue
    • Shadesol

Frame & Post Profiles

The frame and post profiles are measuring tools, allowing you to check that the intended frame or post will fit. If you need to explain what a frame looks like, refer to the accompanying hardcopy or online Lookbook.
  • 6mm thick
  • CNC cut to size on white gloss acrylic
  • The most popular frames and posts are available in the Highprofile and Weatherwell Essential Tool Box
  • All other frames and posts are available to purchase separately or come in the Auxiliary Kit

Fabric Swatch Books

Curated based on what sells the most, we’ve released a whole new range of colours for our Colourvue Roller Blinds and Shadesol Outdoor Shades. From popular Vibe to Sanctuary to Balmoral and introducing our exclusive X-weave exterior range of fabrics, there’s a fabric for every budget.

  • Colourvue fabrics are available in Blockout, Light Filter and Screen
  • Shadesol fabrics are available in 5% and 1% openness
  • Durable poly covers and inserts
  • Elastic bands

Shutter Colour Swatch

Following the paint industry’s footsteps, our standard interior and exterior shutter colours are now represented in a quality printed fandeck. For our Highprofile range, eight new colours inspired by Dulux’s most popular whites will replace our existing painted whites. We have also simplified the stain offering to the most commonly ordered. Our interior powder coat colours and Weatherwell colours will remain the same.

  • Highprofile colours include 8 new whites, inspired by Dulux’s popular whites, 4 stains and 6 powder coat colours
  • Weatherwell colours include 4 powder coat colours and 2 timber wraps
  • Colour disclaimers to educate and inform your customer about our paint and swatch process
  • Poly protective cover
  • Thick quality paper stock
  • Colour matched by the professionals who supply Sherwin Williams

Auxiliary Kit

The Auxiliary Kit contains additional sales tools for interior shutters or roller blinds. The bag is made from durable on-trend felt fabric and includes:

  • 64mm poly blade, 64m poplar blade, 114mm poplar blade
  • Highprofile top track and surface/recess bottom tracks
  • 11 x Highprofile frame/post profiles (the least popular frames)
  • 1 x rail & stile joint
  • Oval and half-fabric wrapped bottom rail
  • Microfibre cloth
  • 3 x pockets

64mm Blade View Card

Need to show a 64mm blade view? As our standard sample panels come in 89mm blades, the Blade View Card is a convenient and effective way to show the “view” of a 64mm blade shutter. Made from a white poly card, the gap between the blades has been cut out to simulate the view.

  • Durable poly card
  • Conveniently the same size as a sample panel 300mm x 410mm

Sample Panel/Box Bag

Protect your 300 x 410 sample panels and Essential Tool Boxes with this durable felt bag.

  • Sized to fit 1-2 panels or 1 box
  • Removable divider to protect panels
  • Thick felt fabric with inner fabric lining
  • Velcro closure

Shutter Sample Panels

We have a sample panel for each shutter product in the most commonly ordered specifications. Big enough to demonstrate to your customer and small enough to conveniently carry in the consultant bag or sample panel bag.

  • Size: 300mm x 410mm

Roller Blind Sample

The Roller Blind sample is a must-have for dealers looking to present a physical sample to show-case quality and functionality. Each blind comes with a practical bag. Motorised samples come with a remote and charger.

  • Pelmet 95
  • Block out fabric
  • D30 Silent Base Rail
  • Choose chain or battery-operated
  • Size of 575mm width x 865mm drop

Zipscreen Sample

The Shadesol Zipscreen panel serves as an invaluable aid for customers who prefer a hands-on experience. Fitted onto a white laminated, MDF board with black rubber edging, the sample is complete with a convenient cut-out/view, providing an unobstructed view through the fabric.

  • Size 600mm x 600mm (board)
  • Handle
  • Wind lock

Microfibre Cloth

A convenient microfibre cleaning cloth to ensure hand samples, frame/post tools and other components are clean before each customer visit.

  • Size 30cm x 30cm

The classic messenger bag has been designed for the professional in-home consultant.
  • Durable polyester fabric with vinyl bottom
  • Adjustable shoulder strap with shoulder pad
  • Velcro flap with quick-release buckle clips
  • 7 x pockets in practical sizes to carry any combination of TWO selling tools.
  • Main pockets are padded to offer protection for shutter panels
  • Business card and pen slots
  • Neutral colours to complement your business’ brand

TWO Australia has developed partnerships with Australia’s best window furnishing and outdoor shade retailers. Providing quality product and unrivalled support, we are the go-to manufacturer for shutters, interior blinds and outdoor shades.
TWO AUSTRALIA – Manufacturer of shutters, outdoor blinds, awnings, roller blinds



Our Highprofile range of plantation shutters are best-in-class, with a quality that can only be perfected over three generations of manufacture. This classic window furnishing offers functionality like no other, allowing you to control airflow and light while still maintaining privacy. Our Colourvue range of roller blinds is the stylish choice for the modern home. Fully motorised with state-of-the-art roller systems our blinds are built to last.

Exterior Shutters & Shades

Aluminium shutters and exterior shades give you so many possibilities. By design, they are strong, durable, beautiful and functional. They allow you to use your outdoor space regardless of the weather, creating true outdoor rooms and providing privacy and security. They allow you to live and enjoy outside MORE.


TWO is an international manufacturer of a range of beautiful and innovative interior and exterior shutters, interior blinds and outdoor shades. With manufacturing in the United States, Australia and China, we craft exceptional products that are distributed through our valued partners across the globe.

At TWO Australia, we are most proud of the strong relationships we have built with our partners to help them grow their businesses.

Our Story

TWO’s story started in the early 00’s, when husband and wife duo Ian and Michele Roe and Cliff Stanley, discovered the industry’s competitors had lost their customer focus and felt they could offer a unique level of service coupled with the best industry knowledge in the market at the time.

Ian and Michele had accumulated a wealth of shutter knowledge and experience from decades long careers in the industry, giving them valuable insight into both the manufacturing, installation and retail sides of the window covering industry.

Combined with Cliff’s experience, who is from a three generation shutter family, the outcome of the trio’s partnership was the establishment of Made2Trade in 2007. Working long days and nights from the Roe’s garage in Redcliffe, the company quickly grew traction and popularity among their small dealer base. As the company grew, the brand evolved to what is officially known as TWO Global today. Branching into multiple product offerings including domestic manufacturing in two states, TWO Australia is considered one of the more dealer-focused and innovative manufacturers in what is typically known as a traditional industry.