Look back to move your business forward

Look back to move your business forward

If 2020 was the year everything changed, 2021 was the year Australians and New Zealanders came to accept that change and realised that the world at large has been permanently altered.

  1. Depending Digital = Turning to digital in the day-to-day


    If 2020 saw millions of consumers come online out of necessity, 2021 showed the staying power of digital. From shopping to services, people are now embracing all the benefits of a digital-first lifestyle – from speed to convenience, greater choice, and more.


  2. Lives reexamined = New priorities, new choices


    Following the sudden disruptions of the pandemic, people emerged in 2021 with a realisation that some changes weren’t temporary after all. This prompted a sense of introspection and a reevaluation of their values and lifestyle choices. As a result, they looked for more comfort and ease in their lives and shifted their focus to the things that matter most to them.


  3. Bridging distances = Connecting through tech


    The pandemic kept countless people physically apart, and consumers quickly found ways to adapt. But in 2021, we saw that sense of separation deepen. As a result, consumers moved beyond finding brief moments of connection, to finding new ways to express themselves and nurture deeper, more ongoing relationships, both online and offline.


  4. Truth seekers = Demanding transparency


    With online misinformation and data breaches on the rise, consumers are more sceptical than ever. Wary of being misled and savvier about their choices, they are also more proactive about finding trustworthy sources, using Google Search to fact-check claims, scrutinise brand values, and ensure the authenticity from the brands they choose to engage with.


  5. Growing inequalities = Searching for support


    The pandemic highlighted and exacerbated societal inequalities across Australia and New Zealand. When combined with our geographic isolation, many people turned to the internet in search of a community to overcome challenges, support others, or adjust to the ‘new normal’.