FAQs about our interior aluminium shutters

FAQs about our interior aluminium shutters

Highprofile Avenir is an aluminium shutter designed specifically for interior spaces and is the most durable and strongest in our interior shutter collection. Finished in a beautiful matt powder coat finish, the clean, minimalistic lines of this shutter add a modern feel to any home or commercial setting.



Below are some common questions often asked by customers.

Q. Are interior aluminium shutters hot or cold to the touch?

A. Due to the hollow design of the blades, Avenir panels moderate room temperature, disburse heat, and are always safe to touch. In terms of insulation, they are not considered to have the same insulation benefits as solid timber or PVC shutters, however only by a few degrees.

Q. Are aluminium shutters heavy?

A. No. Aluminium is a lightweight material, which means it won’t sag or crack over time due to weight. Panels can span up to 1100mm wide, covered by warranty.

Q. Are aluminium shutters only for wet areas?

A. While aluminium shutters are the perfect solution for wet areas, it is also ideal for all windows in a home with their classic plantation shutter design.

Q. Do aluminium shutters offer a better block out of light?

A. No shutter offers complete light block out, however as each blade is precisely extruded from the aluminium, the blades have a very tight closure, minimising light when required.

Q. Is installation the same as a traditional internal shutter?

A. Yes! Highprofile Avenir aluminium shutters can be installed as hinged, fixed, multi-fold, sliding and tier-on-tier. If you want a more bespoke shape, go for timber plantation shutters.

Q. How do I clean aluminium shutters?

A. Regular light dusting will help keep your shutters looking their very best. Use a feather duster, dusting cloth or vacuum with soft brush attachments. When a more thorough clean is needed, simply wipe it down with a damp cloth. Do not use any cleaning products.