Approving Drawings

Become a Dealer

How to Become a Dealer

  1. Summit a request through our online inquiry form here – or – Give us a call at 469-619-0892 and we’ll connect you with a sales representative
  2. Meet with one of our friendly sales representatives to discuss products and partner opportunities
  3. After meeting with a sales rep, your needs will be assessed and you will be assigned the correct contact moving
  4. Once your contact has been assigned, you will be asked to complete the online credit application that will be sent to your email
  5. If you have any questions, the customer service team will be happy to help

We look forward to your partnership!

Creating an Estimate

Dealer Center Introduction

Dealer Center Login

Downloading Collateral and Photography

Downloading a Product Guide

Made2Fit Introduction

Made2Fit Measure and Installation Tutorial

Order Pricing

How do I get pricing for my Order?

Your sales rep is the best contact to confirm any pricing for you. You are also able to quote out a job at any time in our system using your estimates. Once you have completed the information in the system, you can select ‘PDF Estimate’ and you will receive an itemized list of your costs for the order.

Order Status

Ordering Sampling

Payment Status

Request a Repair

How do I request a repair?

Repairs are requested when an order or parts of an order need to be replaced by the factory.

  1. Log into the TWO Dealer Center and click on the Orders, Estimates and Tracking module.
  2. Hover over Orders and select Delivered Orders.
  3. Locate the order needing the repair. Click on the line item view option which will be on the far right side and will show as (#) before the PDF Icons.
  4. Select the line(s) item(s) for which the repair applies by marking the check boxes on the left. If there is a general repair for the order that does not apply to a specific item, please select the first line item.
  5. After selecting all line item(s), select the blue wrench icon for repairs.
  6. The repair order form will appear. Please note, do NOT change any specification from the original order. All changes needed for the repair are to be recorded in the Repair Information section at the bottom right.
  7. Please complete the Repair Information Form in its entirety.
  8. For repairs with factory or freight responsibility, photos must be uploaded with the repair order.
  9. Please review all of your repair order details. Once complete, please click save and then Submit Order on the bottom of your screen.

The repair order will be reviewed and approved by our Orders Team. If the responsibility for the repair is dealer fault, you will be invoiced for the whole item or parts of the repair.

Sales and Marketing Center Introduction

Submitted an Order that was meant to be an Estimate

I submitted and estimate/order that is not ready.

Do not worry! If you accidentally submit your estimate it does not go straight into production. Please either email or call our main office and we will be able to place this back as an estimate for you.

Transitioning an Estimate to an Order

TWO Australia has developed partnerships with Australia’s best window furnishing and outdoor shade retailers. Providing quality product and unrivalled support, we are the go-to manufacturer for shutters, interior blinds and outdoor shades.
TWO AUSTRALIA – Manufacturer of shutters, outdoor blinds, awnings, roller blinds



Our Highprofile range of plantation shutters are best-in-class, with a quality that can only be perfected over three generations of manufacture. This classic window furnishing offers functionality like no other, allowing you to control airflow and light while still maintaining privacy. Our Colourvue range of roller blinds is the stylish choice for the modern home. Fully motorised with state-of-the-art roller systems our blinds are built to last.

Exterior Shutters & Shades

Aluminium shutters and exterior shades give you so many possibilities. By design, they are strong, durable, beautiful and functional. They allow you to use your outdoor space regardless of the weather, creating true outdoor rooms and providing privacy and security. They allow you to live and enjoy outside MORE.


TWO is an international manufacturer of a range of beautiful and innovative interior and exterior shutters, interior blinds and outdoor shades. With manufacturing in the United States, Australia and China, we craft exceptional products that are distributed through our valued partners across the globe.

At TWO Australia, we are most proud of the strong relationships we have built with our partners to help them grow their businesses.

Our Story

TWO’s story started in the early 00’s, when husband and wife duo Ian and Michele Roe and Cliff Stanley, discovered the industry’s competitors had lost their customer focus and felt they could offer a unique level of service coupled with the best industry knowledge in the market at the time.

Ian and Michele had accumulated a wealth of shutter knowledge and experience from decades long careers in the industry, giving them valuable insight into both the manufacturing, installation and retail sides of the window covering industry.

Combined with Cliff’s experience, who is from a three generation shutter family, the outcome of the trio’s partnership was the establishment of Made2Trade in 2007. Working long days and nights from the Roe’s garage in Redcliffe, the company quickly grew traction and popularity among their small dealer base. As the company grew, the brand evolved to what is officially known as TWO Global today. Branching into multiple product offerings including domestic manufacturing in two states, TWO Australia is considered one of the more dealer-focused and innovative manufacturers in what is typically known as a traditional industry.


TWO Australia