Choose the perfect blade size for your home

Choose the perfect blade size for your home

When you begin to design custom shutters for your home, there is a lot to consider. You’ll want to think about the frame type, whether you want stained or painted, the installation method, and how much view you want. To determine the view, you need to consider the blade size. Let’s look at a few options.



Blade: 64 mm

64 mm Blade Size

Small blades are popular because of the benefits of keeping the room darker and how they fit in smaller spaces. The smaller the blade, the less light is let in which makes these perfect for bedrooms or a TV room. In smaller spaces, openings that have a narrow depth may not be able to meet the clearance needed for larger blades to operate. A smaller blade is also the best choice for a more traditional look.



Blade: 89 mm

89 mm Blade Size

In most homes that you see today, medium blades are the most commonly used. They provide equal benefits of viewing the outdoors and letting in plenty of light while also providing a darker room or privacy when needed. The view is less obstructed compared to the 64 mm blade.



Blade: 114 mm

114 mm Blade size

The benefits of large blades are the best for maximising natural light in a room. There is more space between each blade which allows for more light and a clearer view. Large blades are popular in modern homes with very large window spaces.



So, which blade size will suit your home?