All is not what it seems!

All is not what it seems!

Location: Buderim, Queensland
Room in the Home: Exterior
Product: Weatherwell
Colour: White
Installation: Fixed Panel, Gate

The homeowners of this gorgeous home in sunny Queensland wanted low maintenance to be the primary focus when making design decisions for their home.



Much of the home’s classic timber features are unexpectedly made of aluminium, including the fence, pergola, plantation shutters, and gates. The aluminium shutters create a beautiful design detail beside the pool, breaking up the monotony of the concrete slab and promoting airflow from the portico on the other side.



The shutters on the gables are a decorative feature and won’t be susceptible to rot or ever require a repaint due to the quality powder coat finish.



The aluminium shutter gates are consistent with all the design elements and continue the plantation shutter aesthetic.