All About Railroading Fabric

All About Railroading Fabric

What is Railroading Fabric?

A screen with railroaded fabric is cut to size from the roll fabric width instead of the drop.



When is a fabric railroaded?

Fabric is railroaded when the width of the shade is wider than the width of the fabric roll. The factory rotates the fabric 90 degrees to achieve the width.



Can all fabrics be railroaded?

Shadesol fabrics are able to be railroaded.
Colourvue fabrics are not able to be railroaded without warranty or permission by the factory.



What is the process for joining the Shadesol fabrics?

Shadesol fabrics use an RF weld that melts the fabric rolls together at a particle level.



Railroaded vs Joins?

Fabric can be railroaded but not joined. Only a railroaded fabric can be joined.
See below drawings.



What is the default location of a join railroad?

The railroad will always be placed as high as possible in the screen.



Drawings of Railroading Fabric



Railroaded and Joined