Roller Blinds: Types of windows and openings

Roller Blinds: Types of windows and openings

Roller blinds offer a perfect combination of functionality, simplicity, and versatility, making them a popular choice for window treatments. Whether you’re a roller blind novice or an expert, this short guide will walk you the different types of openings for roller blinds.

Roller Blind Installation

Roller blinds can be installed on various types of windows and openings such as:


Regular Windows


For regular windows, you can install roller blinds inside or outside the window frame. The inside mount method is more commonly used as it provides a clean and streamlined appearance.

Window Roller Blind

Bay Windows


Bay windows, comprising three or more windows require individual roller blinds for each window to ensure a perfect fit.

Nay Window Roller Blind

French Doors


Installing roller blinds on French doors can be a bit challenging, but it’s achievable. You can opt for two roller blinds for each door or a single roller blind to cover both doors.

French Door Roller Blind

Sliding Doors


Sliding glass doors, being larger, may need a wider roller blind or multiple roller blinds to cover each glass panel effectively.

Sliding Door Roller Blind


An inside mount roller blind is fitted inside the window frame, leaving the frame and surrounding wall uncovered. While this creates an unobstructed and polished look, not all windows are suitable for this type of installation. Windows with shallow frames or irregular shapes may not have sufficient depth to accommodate the blind, and the blind may hinder the operation of the window itself. In such cases, an outside mount roller blind could be a better alternative.


Inside Mount Roller Blind

Image: Inside mounted roller blind

Outside mount roller blinds are mounted on the exterior of the window frame and can extend to cover the entire window and additional wall space. They can also create the illusion of larger windows, as they can be placed higher and wider than the actual window, adding a sense of height and width.

Outside Mount Roller Blind

Image: Outside mounted roller blind