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Awnings are a familiar presence on Australian homes, incorporated to provide shade relief and reduce the impact of intense sun and glare. The Shadesol Collection by TWO brings you exceptional German designed awnings, manufactured to the highest standards, at competitive local prices. Shadesol Awnings provide both cost effective sun protection and climate control for today’s living.

  • Why awnings?

    Everyone likes to enjoy time outdoors and summer sun, but as temperatures and energy costs rise cost effective year-round sun protection has never been more important. Awnings are a perfect way to reduce energy costs by shading windows and doors from the sun’s heat and glare. They provide the opportunity to enjoy outdoor living all year round.

  • Why Shadesol?

    Shadesol is a sophisticated awning range that not only provides the comfort of shade, but the comfort of superior German design. Shadesol awnings are manufactured with rigorous quality control, from structural open-close usage through to simulation of outdoor conditions to ensure fabric colour-fastness. German Design. Custom made. Local expertise.

  • Why motorise?

    Convenience and ease of use provide more scope to enjoy time outdoors. That’s why motorised systems are available across the Shadesol range of German designed awnings by TWO. These motorised options enable remote access to open and close Shadesol awnings, so you are in control of positioning and simple operation, giving more time for outdoor living.