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House shutters: 5 moods for 5 rooms

Mani Sahihi - Wednesday, January 06, 2016

House shutters have long been admired for their sophisticated street appeal, as they create stylish impact for home facades and exterior windows. Yet house shutters can be used for both dramatic and soothing effect within the home, particularly when they are chosen as part of a colour theme or an integrate interior colour palette.

Consider the relaxing effect of blues:

“From the radiant aquamarine tones of Caribbean waters to the deep indigo colors of the Pacific, coastal-inspired shades of blue are versatile, calming and elegant. Consider creating a luxurious, serene space with a pale blue shade or fashioning a sharp and cool sanctuary by pairing bright turquoise with crisp white. Strong blue accents and exquisite artwork join forces with the deep blue of the sky overhead to take center stage…”
- M Sierra, Blue Crush: Tranquil Palettes Inspired by the Sea


House shutters can transform a bathroom from a functional space into a soothing haven. Blue shutters are used to accent a neutral coloyr palette and contrast against the cool tone of bathroom tiling.


Many homes incorporate informal eating areas, yet the casual eating space is often more practical and everyday than a space for calm dining. Light blue house shutters give a casual dining area a peaceful and inviting feel, by combining chic and casual.


“Pale blue hues can create very relaxing moods, especially when white acts as an anchor…. Every time you use color, incorporate a lighter shade of that color as well to balance out the color scheme.”
- M Sierra, Blue Crush: Tranquil Palettes Inspired by the Sea

Blue house shutters can provide the contrast to a white palette to make a bedroom a relaxed and tranquil haven, perfect for those rare extra minutes or on leisurely weekends.


Blue has inherent and natural associations with the ocean and water. A nautical theme for the living room, featuring blue house shutters, creates a calm, purposeful living space separate from other rooms in the home.


Solid blue panels take a den from stern to serene.

House shutters continue to rise in popularity. Long coveted for exteriors there is a growing recognition that the streamlined elegance of house shutters can transform interior spaces and create atmosphere. Highprofile shutters, available in luxurious natural timber stains and popular whites provide the right mix of light, contrast and airflow. Highprofile shutters can also be custom ordered for size and colour – which can take a home to a whole new level of style.

“Blue is the only color which maintains its own character in all its tones… it will always stay blue.”
- Raoul Dufy

Blues are fantastic for creating a mood in a home and blue house shutters are a perfect way to provide contrast to neutral interiors. Calm, relaxed, tranquil, serene or peaceful. What mood are you looking to create in your home?

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Exterior window shutters for sun protection

Mani Sahihi - Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Sunlight is an important consideration in the design of any home. Understanding the sun’s orientation through the day, the way the light hits the house and seasonal changes, all impact on home living.

These impacts include:

  • Lighting and natural light
  • The cost and impact of heating
  • The need for cooling
  • Protecting interiors from direct sunlight

“Sun-blocking screens help you stay cool, play with light and create a stunning modern exterior… since the location is on the exterior, it blocks the heat from the sun's rays before they even hit the glass and enter the interior space, keeping your home cooler."
- Jen Dalley, Architect

Exterior window shutters are very effective at screening from the sun and are increasingly being incorporated into homes, as people plan home design with the impact of the sun and lighting in mind.

A passive designed house lets the winter sun in to warm and light your home but blocks out the high summer sun, reducing your need for air conditioning.

Passive design involves a number of elements including orientation, internal layout, window type and placement, and the use of heavy construction materials that have the ability to store warmth from the sun.

Smarter Homes Smarter Living - How to save money by building a smarter home.

Exterior window shutters provide the right mix of light and temperature control and have the added benefit of moveable louvers to control airflow. This also provides greater flexibility in providing shade. Incorporating exterior window shutters helps to:

  • Lower home air-conditioning costs
  • Allow for airflow and ventilation
  • Protect exteriors

One of the concerns with exterior screening is that as these structures take the full impact of the sun, there can fading and cracking, which requires maintenance. However, aluminum overcomes this. Weatherwell aluminum exterior window shutters combine strength, flexibility and the inherent ability to weather the impact of the sun. They require no maintenance, making Weatherwell aluminum exterior shutters an increasingly popular choice.

One of the other key benefits of exterior window shutters is security. Exterior window shutters protect windows and entrance, yet retain a streamlined elegant appearance. Weatherwell aluminum exterior shutters are available in a number of security options, including:

  • flush bolt
  • lockable handle
  • security bolts

Exterior window shutters offer dual protection – protection for the home and protection from the sun. The benefits are safety and the reduction in costs for running a home. Exterior window shutters provide shade, particularly on outdoor pergolas and living areas, which is crucial in creating outdoor living environments.

“In a sun-drenched climate, shade is essential for reducing the effects of heat on the home. Incorporating shade is a simple and cost-effective way to help keep your house cool year round.”
- Planning Services Special Project Unit, City of Townsville

Exterior window shutters can be installed for different opening types such as:

  • multifold
  • hinged
  • sliding
  • fixed

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Timber shutters in colours equal to your imagination.

Mani Sahihi - Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Pick up any home magazine and you will find an article on the theme of colours; brightening your home with splashes of colour, designer colour palettes and colour transformations. The reason? Colours are directly connected to our moods and the way we feel.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Americans spend about 70% of their time at home, so adding colour to our living interiors is a perfect way to help us feel calm, happy or vibrant. Multi-coloured options mean that timber shutters are a perfect way to transform both your home interior and your mood. Timber shutters can help to enliven living spaces.

“Whether it's on a pair of pillows, the back of a bookshelf, the floor or the ceiling, a splash of unexpected colour transforms any space from boring to breathtaking.”
- Jen Derose, HouseBeautiful

The rich, classic appeal of timber shutters has long been recognised, yet timber shutters are a contemporary way to introduce colour into your home palette. Long admired for their streamlined appearance and high-value appeal, timber shutters can be a design anchor to transform living spaces.

Flat, uninspired living areas are one of the greatest frustrations of homeowners.

“My Living room is screaming for a make over..even the fishes are dying of boredom. What should I do here?”
- post in Design Dilemma,

Timber shutters are a wonderful starting point. While made of premium grade lumber, Highprofile timber shutters are painted with a high build polyurethane paint – so there is no limit to the quality of the shutter or for your imagination. What a great way to bring pizzazz into the bathroom or fun into a child’s bedroom.

What mood can you achieve with timber shutters?

With colour so closely tied with how we feel, colour choices can help to create the synergy between a room’s function and décor. Timber shutters selected for a colour theme can blend with neutral wall and floor palettes so colour doesn’t overpower the space and help to create the desired ambience.

“Scientists and researchers have long known colours affect us mentally and physically…. blue rooms reduce blood pressure and enhance relaxation… even if a person tries to be angry or aggressive in the presence of pink, he can't… the heart muscles can't race fast enough. It's a tranquillising colour.”
- Olivia Richardson, body+soul Magazine 2013

Consider blue timber shutters for libraries, lounges and living. Blues are wonderful for creating relaxed, calm environments, perfect for reading or casual catch-ups.

Think pink, for timber shutters in bedrooms and dressing rooms.

Yellow wood shutters are a lively choice for kids bedrooms, rumpus and family rooms. For the Whisler family – bright is beautiful with yellow shutters.

Of course, white is still the most popular choice for timber shutters and there will always be a call for the classic plantation shutters. The timber shutters at TWO Australia have a flawless finish and one of the most pristine coatings available on the market. You can mix and match, with a combination of white and other coloured wood shutters to create the living space – and the mood – for your home.

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A little history on Plantation Shutters

Mani Sahihi - Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Plantation shutters, have a long history with origins considered to date back to ancient Greece. It is understood these first shutters were constructed from a natural stone like marble with fixed louvres.

“Technically a shutter is either a solid or slated window cover. It is believe that the first shutters originated from Greece and that they were originally designed for light control, ventilation and protection from the elements in a tropical environment.” Life of an Architect, Bob Borson

With the benefits of light and ventilation, the concept spread through the Mediterranean. However, wood replaced marble in construction and allowed for the flexibility of movement of the louvre blades.

In time, shutters were brought to the Americas by the Spanish, where in the South, they gained the name plantation shutters as they were used in many grand homes and mansions of the cotton plantations.

Plantation shutters have several key benefits:

  • Flexible louvers allowing airflow and ventilation
  • Easy operation to open up for light and shade
  • Quality timber construction

Yet one of the key benefits of plantation shutters, links back to their growth in America, which is the beauty and elegance of plantation shutters as they grace a grand home façade and frontage.

Shutters are more like a piece of fine furniture, than a mere window covering.

However, the function and benefits of shutters match their beauty:

“Shutters are the most versatile of window treatments and can be seen up and down residential streets as more and more people install them in their homes. Equally suited to both traditional and modern homes, they can be customised to blend in with the room decor or make a bold statement and stand out. Shutters become a part of the window frame, and will therefore exclude more of the light than curtains or other types of blinds, as well as providing extra home security.” Using Plantation Shutters in Your Home, Urban Social Design

Plantation shutters continue to evolve. The unique mix of beauty and function ensures that product innovation continues. The elegant, streamlined appearance of shutters has now evolved into shutters made of metal construction.

“Yesterday I also prepared my next walking tour in the High Line/Chelsea area. I got my first glimpse of Shigeru Ban's Metal Shutter Houses with both the shutters and inside glass wall open. The scale is impressive next to the more traditional (in the modern sense) single-story floors.” A Daily Dose of Architecture, John Hill

Metal shutters are eye-catching and create aesthetic impact; just as the plantation shutters did in the mansions of the South. Weatherwell and Weatherwell Elite are high-quality Aluminium shutters, which heighten the security and durability of shutter inclusions in commercial, but also residential environments.

Plantation shutters will continue to be incorporated in architecture around the world. With a history of aesthetic impact, innovation in this category continues, particularly in the residential space where shapes, colours and blade sizes are adapted to create the elegant grandeur of the past and the wow factor of contemporary interiors.

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Aluminium Shutters: Low maintenance. Great living.

Mani Sahihi - Tuesday, September 01, 2015

As family and personal schedules become more and more hectic, products that minimise maintenance around the home are highly prized. Aluminium may be a less familiar choice for shutters, but they are an innovative and excellent selection for home interiors and exteriors. Highly durable, aluminium shutters are also low-maintenance and extremely straightforward to clean.

Less cleaning means more living.

Importantly aluminium adds a unique design feature to living spaces.

"...aluminium adds much more textural quality and visual interest."

"aluminium will give it a fresh, unique, almost contemporary appeal."

Shawn Gauthier, "A Periodic Table of Design Elements",

The benefits of aluminium shutters for everyday living are:

  • Low maintenance aluminium surface

  • Excellent durability in inclement weather

  • Easy to operate for ventilation and airflow

  • Streamlined, elegant appearance.

In addition, aluminium shutters are perfect for extending the luxurious look of shutters into wet areas and any other high use rooms in the home, such as:

  • Kitchens

  • Outdoor Kitchens

  • Bathrooms

  • Playrooms

  • High-use areas

Consider the benefits and design feature of Weatherwell aluminium shutters in these rooms:



Aluminium shutters resist warping, fading, cracking and peeling and are an ideal product in high-use areas, giving the perfect combination of style and durability.


You can put aside consumer fears of warpage from extended contact with water. Aluminium shutters give durability in any bathroom whilst complimenting the rest of the homes’ style.


Kids can play rough so aluminium shutters are a great choice for playrooms, which need to stand up to significant wear and tear. Aluminium shutters give the ultimate strength and longevity so you don’t have to worry about breakage.

Simple steps for cleaning and maintaining aluminium shutters:

  • A damp cloth is all that is required for easy cleaning. 

  • Featuring stainless steel hardware, aluminium shutters can be cleaned with a nonabrasive cloth or sponge and warm soapy water.

  • Open the louvers with the tilt rod or the middle louver to wipe blades over. 

  • No other maintenance is required.

Here are 3 other benefits of Weatherwell aluminium shutters.

  • Their streamlined appearance adds to the alfresco space.

  • Flexible blade control enables excellent airflow and ventilation to enjoy cooling breezes.

  • Provision of low-maintenance weather protection, style and security.

Evolution of aluminium in home interiors:

For years, aluminium shutters have been the favourite of commercial and high-end architects around the world. Now, aluminium shutters are being increasingly featured in a domestic context in many residential homes. Aside from the significant benefit of ease of maintenance, aluminium shutters can be used in homes in a number of ingenious ways. In addition to their low maintenance appeal, aluminium shutters provide excellent flexibility for creating and modifying interior home spaces. You can use Weatherwell aluminium shutters to:

  • Enclose a balcony

  • Create an outdoor room

  • Add security screens for weather or protection

  • Give strength in high traffic areas with kids or pets

To find out more about Weatherwell Aluminium shutters click here: Weatherwell

To see our design gallery of Aluminium shutters click here: Aluminium Gallery

Wooden Shutters for Windows All Shapes and Sizes

Mani Sahihi - Friday, August 14, 2015
When we call to mind the image of a window, it is usually of a rectangular shape. Traditional windows, such as these featuring wooden shutters, are the most prevalent style in homes today.

“For the most part, windows and doors are rectangular openings, either inserted into walls by themselves or as part of a larger system (e.g. a curtain wall) that are also rectangular. This shape is rooted in traditional architecture and construction, but it is certainly not the only way to articulate openings.” - John Hill, Architect, NY

However there is a growing shift to unique shaped windows, which are increasingly being incorporated into new home designs. These shapes include circles, diamonds, L-shapes and elliptical frames, as well as floor-to-ceiling expanses in square formation. Unique shape windows are often incorporated to:

- Allow for more view to be taken in than a traditional window
- Match ornate design features in roof lines and other structures
- Make use of limited space in dark areas
- Add contemporary or modern style to house design
- Become a highlight feature in an room or space

Yet unusual window shapes don’t have to inhibit the choice of window treatment. The Highprofile range of wooden shutters can be infinitely customised. Featured here in a diamond shape, wooden shutters further dramatise the impact of the distinctive shape. Highprofile wooden shutters can be created for circular shapes, triangular windows and trapezoids – the options are endless. These irregular window shapes are being used to obtain a different and distinctive style.

Our Highprofile timber shutter range can be customised to almost any shape, size and colour.

Mimicking or echoing, yet distinctly differing from existing materials, colours, shapes and styles forms is also an elegant way to create a harmonious and elegant new style.

Wooden shutters can also be used for large expanses, which increasingly feature in homes to harness natural light and to maximise beautiful unobstructed views. Hinged options give the ultimate flexibility, so that views can be enjoyed to created that seamless blend of bringing the outside in.

There are several types of unique shaped window structures, including:

- Fixed shape – glass structure that cannot be opened
- Operable – glass structure that can be opened for airflow

Wooden shutters can be used effectively for both options. They do not detract or mask the impact of fixed-shape windows, rather they effectively highlight the window shape. A splash of colour can even further accentuate the room and blend with accessory design colours used in the living space.

They are also a great fit for operable windows, as hinged options allow wooden shutters to be pulled back so the windows can be operate for airflow and to capture the breeze.

Wooden shutters are a timeless classic in traditional homes, but equally suit contemporary interiors and styles. The ability to easily custom order Highprofile wooden shutters further enables shutters to be used for unique window shapes and sizes. Wooden shutters can be streamlined through the home, complementing both traditional windows and distinct shapes.

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Why aluminium is a great choice for exterior shutters.

Mani Sahihi - Friday, June 12, 2015

As homeowners spend more of their leisure and vacation time at home, interest and emphasis in outdoor living has surged. According to the National Association of Realtors, outdoor living rooms and screened porches are one of the top hot home trends for 2013. Porches and patios are often screened with exterior shutters to create outdoor sanctuaries.

"Further helping to blur lines between outdoor and indoor spaces is the rise of screened porches, which have gained more indoor accoutrements such as fireplaces, making them liveable nearly year-round… A trend that began a few years ago continues to inspire homeowners to think beyond terraces and decks. These spaces have more of the feeling and function of an indoor room." Barbara Ballinger, Realtor Mag

Exterior shutters are a great cost-effective, aesthetically pleasing and highly functional way to add a living area. Creating an outdoor living room with exterior shutters minimises the cost of the extension and, as home lot sizes shrink, is a perfect space maximising solution. Living space can be created without having to extend the footprint of your home.

There are number of additional benefits when using exterior shutters, including:

- Privacy from neighbours
- Protection from the sun and wind
- Ventilating airflow
- Security protection with locking mechanisms
- Elegant, streamlined appearance

The focus on outdoor living environments is even growing at the planning stage.

A survey by Professional Builder Magazine reported that 43% of survey respondents had added an outdoor living option to their current new home plans. 

Patios, porches and sunrooms screened with exterior shutters create outdoor sanctuaries usable for much of the year, by protecting the space from the elements.

Timber probably springs to mind when thinking shutters, yet aluminium shutters are is an excellent option for exteriors.

The inherent durability of aluminium and sturdy composition greatly enhances the protection from the elements, whilst minimising upkeep. Less maintenance is a game-changer in the outdoor living movement. 

“Less maintenance equals more time for living.”

Here are 5 advantages of aluminium exterior shutters:

1. Put aside fears of warpage from extended contact with water
2. Inherent strength to absorb wear and tear.
3. Custom powder coat options that can match any décor
4. Sliding, hinged and fixed installation options for easy access
5. Simple maintenance with just a wipe down with a wet cloth.

Homebuilders, The Whisler family, were new to the concept of aluminium shutters, but made the decision to go with Weatherwell Elite and have been thrilled with the outcome. 

“I got my shutters in last week and I LOOOOOOVVVVEEEE them! That is the best way to put it. =) They give my rooms such a finished look and feel. When my husband and I were building our house it wasn't something that even crossed my mind. Now I am glad it didn't because I have these beautiful coverings instead of whatever the builder would have spec'd.” The Whislers,, Apr 2013 

You can be sure that aluminium exterior shutters will continue to rise in popularity as the focus on outdoor living options gathers momentum. 

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Transforming Your Home With Custom Shutters

Mani Sahihi - Tuesday, May 05, 2015
The desire to personalise items to be ‘ours’ is inherently part of human nature. From simple ringtones through to architecture, customisation is sought after to reflect our personality, taste and interests. In particular, custom-built homes are highly coveted. 

“Many people have very specific ideas about what their dream home should be”. 
Marcus Pickett, The Obstacles that Must be Overcome to Build a Home.

After all, everyone loves to talk about their ‘dream home’. 

In undertaking a custom build: “it is not uncommon for homeowners to feel fearful, uncertain, and overwhelmed when they begin a homebuilding or remodelling project.” Susan Lang, Designing your dream home.

This is because there are many cost implications from each and every decision that is made and a flow-through from the initial selection to completion. A unique window shape or style requires different treatment and installation. That choice then requires custom window furnishings to be ordered – whether by shape, size or colour.

Highprofile custom shutters give wonderful flexibility, because they can be infinitely customised to consumer requests:

Consider these extensive options for Highprofile shutters.

Custom shutter options:
- High-gloss
- Color selections
- Multi-coloured panels
- Super tall heights
- Extra wide panels
- Unique shapes
- Leather wraps
- Fabric covered

With so many options, one of the key elements to successful custom home building, and subsequent custom interior décor, is the use of planning and lists.  

“Using detailed and easy-to-use forms and checklists, you’ll inventory and analyse each room and area to be included in your new or remodelled home. These detailed forms will help you design the home that fits your family and your lifestyle… The more forethought and preparation you dedicate to this, the more satisfied you will be with the finished product. Ultimately, it is your level of satisfaction that determines whether you have the home of your dreams.”

Here are some examples of unique design and décor features using custom shutters:

1. Custom coloured shutters

Custom designed kitchen with neutral palette with feature using green custom shutters 

2. Custom shaped shutters

Child’s loft bedroom with diamond-shaped custom shutters 

3. Custom-opening using shutters

Hinged custom shutters used as wall separator. 

“Custom homes stand out from the crowd. They are each one-of-a-kind and are typically upscale with luxury upgrades and unique architectural design. These homes can be more stylised than many production homes. Home buyers choose their ideal location and environment, so custom homes often incorporate elements of the landscape into the design and can be built to fit each sites’ outstanding feature; whether that is a view of the ocean, a natural stream, or the distinct colours and plants of a desert landscape."
National Association of Home Builders, Types of Home Construction: Custom Homes 

Custom design should also be extended into decor, to ensure the synergy between the exterior and interior. Colour palettes, wallpapers, custom shutters and themes can transform a simple room into a unique, personalised space. 

Remember, Highprofile shutters can be customised in colours, shapes, heights and widths to ensure you create the living environment you want. 

Click here to find out more or to download a brochure: Highprofile

Looking For A Shutter Company?

Mani Sahihi - Friday, March 27, 2015
Shutters are a favourite among home decorators, interior designer and home renovators and there are many shutter companies out there, but not all shutter companies are the same. TWO – is a shutter company with a difference, created out of a long love of window furnishings.

With generations of industry experience TWO has found a unique way to bring the manufacturer and consumer closer together to further our passion for functional products, beautiful design and innovative business. 

TWO'S unique range of shutters can transform your home and change the way you live. 

Benefits of shutters by TWO:

Shutters that are infinitely customisable.

Customers want to create living environments that are unique to them. Highprofile shutters – brought to you by the shutter company TWO - are infinitely customisable. Whether it’s a yellow inspired burst of color or unusual shape, Highprofile shutters work perfectly. 

“When my husband and I were building our house it wasn't something that even crossed my mind. Now I am glad it didn't because I have these beautiful coverings instead of whatever the builder would have spec'd. I absolutely love the color yellow (my front door is yellow) and I was able to do our living room and upstairs man cave (yes the man cave has flowers on the walls...there was an engagement shower that night) with yellow shutters to match! (makes me happy just to think about it). In all of the bedrooms we just did white but LOVE the pops of yellow around the house.” 
The Whislers, 

Shutters created for sustainable living.

Living sustainably is crucial in today’s world. Highprofile Elite – brought to you by the shutter company TWO - are shutters made from sustainably harvested hardwood. The timber is harvested on family-owned land, where landowners demand sustainable forestry and responsible conservation. This high quality hardwood used in Highprofile Elite timber shutters, comes from a responsible and sustainable approach to manufacturing. 


One of the key products from the shutter company TWO is our range of Aluminum shutters. Durable, streamlined and elegant Weatherwell and Weatherwell Elite are uniquely engineered to weather the elements providing easy, maintenance free living. A unique product range and innovative vision set TWO apart as a leading shutter company.

The TWO product range includes:

Consider the innovative vision and distinction of TWO as a shutter company: 

Founded in 2007 we started our journey as timber shutters specialists and now supply a full range of window furnishings, shipping to 4 continents and growing. 

We have partnerships with some of the worlds leading window-furnishing manufacturers and have access to products other shutter companies don't. 

When finding the best, newest products in the world is not enough, our in-house R&D creates proprietary products to fill any gaps. 

Click here to find out more about the shutter company TWO. 

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